Smoking is one of the leading causes of death in our country, killing almost 1lakh people every year.

Smoking is an addiction, which can destroy your life in ways you can’t even imagine. If you don’t want to be a slave to nicotine for life, and want to break free, follow these tips.

  1. Challenge yourself – Quitting smoking is a gradual process, it won’t happen overnight. Therefore, set goals which you can accomplish. Give yourself the challenge to not smoke for next 2 days, rather than giving yourself a challenge to not smoke for the rest of your life.
  2. Replace your cravings with healthier options – Whenever you feel like having that next cigarette, replace your craving with something healthy like your favourite fruit, your favourite chocolate or something which you really love. Also, don’t hang out in a smoking-zone and keep yourself away from your smoking circle for a while.
  3. Maintain a piggy bank – The money which you were spending every month on smoking, put all that money in a piggy bank. It will give you a positive motivation towards your goal of quitting smoking.
  4. Seek support – It’s definitely not easy to stop smoking, therefore, talk to your parents, friends about it. Tell them how you are feeling, and ask for their help in this. You can also talk to people who have successfully quit smoking or who are trying like you to quit it.
  5. Remember the reason why you started at the first place – When it gets tougher to quit, keep remembering why you started on this path of quitting. Also, you can make a list of things which can improve in your life if you quit smoking, like a healthier lifestyle, healthy lungs and a more meaningful life. Remember the benefits and don’t stop midway.

As soon as you quit, your body starts repairing the damage you did to yourself.  Quitting smoking can make a drastic improvement to your health! Give it a try for yourself!


Tuberculosis – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention


Tuberculosis, commonly referred to as TB, is caused by the airborne bacterium called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It can affect different areas of the body, but mostly, it affects the lungs.

According to WHO, TB is one of the top 10 causes of death globally.

Let’s know about different types of TB

  1. Latent – In latent TB infection, people don’t feel any symptoms, because the bacteria live in an inactive form inside the body. Latent TB can’t be transmitted.
  2. Active – When the immune system gets weakened, latent TB can convert into active TB. Active TB can affect lung, as well as joints, bones or central nervous system. This is highly contagious.

How does TB spread?

TB spreads from one person to another, through the air. When someone with active TB of throat or lung coughs, sings, speaks or sneezes, they send germs into the air. And when you breathe in the same air, you are most likely to catch those germs and become infected.

Mostly, it is spread if you spend a lot of time with the infected person. You can get if a family member has it or if you are spending too much time with a friend who has active TB.

Common symptoms of TB

Cough, which lasts at least 3 weeks is one of the most widely known symptoms of TB. Other symptoms include:

  1. Pain in the chest
  2. Mild fever
  3. Fatigue
  4. Chills & sweating at night

Diagnosis and Treatment

TB can be diagnosed with a simple skin test, and can be cured with antibiotics.

How can you protect your family and friends if you have active TB?

  • Don’t go out and mingle with people. Stay home till you don’t recover completely.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing & coughing, and put the tissue in some plastic, and throw away.
  • During the initial weeks of your treatment, wear a surgical mask while interacting with other people.

Studies reveal that approx. 5,00,000 Indians die every year of TB.

Let’s practice good hygiene like washing hands regularly and using a tissue while sneezing, etc. to change this statistics!


5 Healthy Ways To Celebrate This Women’s Day

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Women’s Day is a gentle reminder for all the beautiful women to celebrate themselves!

Women are the caretakers of families. But they often neglect themselves and their health, because either they are too busy taking care of their families or they are burdened with the pressure in jobs.

We have listed some healthy ways to celebrate and enjoy this Women’s Day:

  1. Go out for a walk – Start your day with a walk. Breathe fresh air in the morning and enjoy your own company; sometimes it’s important to cherish solitude and introspect about life. Additionally, early morning walk is said to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  2. Make time for your hobbies – Be it dancing or yoga, do it if you like it. Daily activities of our lives can cause boredom or depression in our lives, these hobbies would make us happy and healthy. There are numerous classes happening in the city, you can join any class based on your interest.
  3. Healthy lunch with friends – Plan with your gang of girls and book a table at your favourite restaurant! Eat a healthy diet; you can have chicken, fish or if you’re a vegetarian, you can go for green leafy veggies, pulses, sprouts as they are high in iron.
  4. Take less stress – Forget about all the worries on this day, and live a healthy, happy day! Wake up with a smile and sleep with a smile. You deserve that!
  5. Take pledge towards a healthier lifestyle – Don’t just adopt healthy choices on this day, but try to incorporate these in your day-to-day life. A healthy lifestyle will keep you happy, not just for a day, but for your entire lifetime.

Balance between your personal and professional life this Women’s Day, and make time for yourself & your health.  A very happy Women’s Day to all!