Tips for Diabetics To Deal With Summer



Heat and humidity majorly affect people with chronic diseases! And if you have diabetes, the situation gets worsen in the summer.

Follow these tips for a stress-less summer!

  1. Stay hydrated – Dehydration can happen on these very hot summer days whether you have diabetes or not. But if you have diabetes, you need to be extra careful about your liquid intake. Keep yourself fully hydrated by drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.
  2. Check blood glucose levels regularly – Summer heat can make your blood glucose levels to fluctuate. Don’t forget to carry lots of liquid and snacks wherever you go. It’s more important than ever in these summers!
  3. Don’t ignore the signs of heat exhaustion – People with diabetes are more susceptible to heat. So if you are at work, or if you are exercising outdoors, don’t ignore the signs of heat exhaustion. Some symptoms are: headaches, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, fainting, and if you experience these symptoms, don’t think twice before moving to a cooler environment, and seek medical attention.
  4. Do not store insulin in extreme temperatures – Always store insulin or blood glucose meter or strips at a dry, cool place. Don’t ever put them in a freezer on under direct sunlight.
  5. Exercise at a cool place or at moderate temperatures – Don’t exercise under a fan in this dreadful summer, always exercise at a cool place like at an air conditioned gym, or exercise in the evening with moderate temperature.

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Stay safe this season and don’t let summer heat take a toll on your health!

Debunking Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate in India. With millions of diabetics living in India, there are lots of misconceptions about the disease. Here are some common myths and the facts about diabetes:

Debunking Myths About Diabetes

Myth 1: Diabetes is not a serious disease.

Fact: Diabetes is a serious and chronic disease. Having diabetes doubles your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. However, it can be managed with proper medication and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Myth 2: Diabetes is caused by too much sugar.

Fact: While Type 1 Diabetes is caused by genetics and some unknown factors, Type 2 Diabetes is a result of genetics and lifestyle factors. One is at greater risk of type 2 diabetes if he is overweight.

Myth 3: A diabetic can’t consume any kind of sweetener.

Fact: Avoiding direct sugar is a must for a diabetic person. However, artificial or low-calorie sweeteners can be used to sweeten foods and drinks.

Myth 4: People with Diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses.

Fact: Having diabetes doesn’t put you at greater risk for illnesses like colds. But, an illness can make your diabetes difficult to manage.

Myth 5: If you’re diabetic, you cannot participate in sports or exercise.

Fact: Being a diabetic, you don’t have to refrain yourself from playing your favorite sport. Any sport can be followed while managing diabetes.

Myth 6: Women with diabetes shouldn’t get pregnant.

Fact: Women who manage their diabetes well can have a normal pregnancy and can give birth to a healthy child.

Myth 7: A diabetic person can feel when the blood glucose level goes down.

Fact: It’s not certain that a person will always realize his blood glucose level going down. That’s why it is necessary to keep a record of blood sugar levels for each day.