8 Tips To Stop Procrastinating Your Exercise Plans

8 Tips To Stop Procrastinating Your Exercise Plans

‘I will start exercising from Monday’

‘Let me have 5 more minutes of sleep’

‘It’s too hot to exercise’

‘I can’t go out, it’s too cold’

‘Yayy…it’s raining…no exercise today.’


Sounds familiar? Then read on, this one is for you.


Agreed that maintaining a routine is one of the most difficult things, but there comes a time when you actually need to get out of your comfort zone and get moving. Being fit is a choice but keeping fit is a habit. For fitness to become your habit, you need to pull up your socks and be committed to your exercise routine. Here are 8 ways to give up procrastinating and start exercising today.

  1. Let’s begin – It will be hard for you to give long hours so, to begin with, commit for at least 5 minutes every day. This is just to get your body in the habit and once you do that you’re more likely to continue for long as time goes ahead.
  1. Pick up easy ones first – Struggling to get back into the exercise routine is completely understandable and that’s why it is better to start with some easy exercises like skipping, running, stretching, yoga for beginners, etc. It will make you feel good and you will automatically want to continue.
  1. Set your goal – Because it’s important. Goals keep you motivated and help you keep going. Short term goals work better than long term goals. Keep reminding yourself of these goals and you will never miss a good workout session.
  1. Write it down – Write it down from day one and see how far you can go. Your progress will make you not only happy but also more confident about your strengths and your body. One more benefit is that you will get to know your body and its adaptability to different exercises.
  1. Keep your gym bag handy – The chances of missing your workout session if your gym bag is already packed when you get up in the morning are rare. Therefore, make sure you prepare it the night before and keep it close to your bed.
  1. A month to notice any change – No matter how many times you want to discontinue your exercise routine, keep it going for at least a month. The reason behind this is that it takes a month for anyone to notice any physical change in your body.
  1. It’s ok if you’re not a gym person – Gym is just one way to get your body moving. You can pick up your favorite sport; go for a jog on the beach, dance lessons, or simple brisk walk to stay fit and healthy.
  1. The real reason should be you – Get fit for yourself, not for others. It is all about making yourself feel good and confident and not for anyone else or for those who decide how you should look.




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