5 Things You Can Do To Prevent Cancer


Blog-image_2 (2)People often blame their luck, when it comes to Cancer. But instead of bad luck, our lifestyle & food habits play a bigger role in giving birth to Cancer!

Most of the Cancers are lifestyle related, and with appropriate changes, you can easily reduce the risk of developing Cancer.

Below are some of the things you can do to keep Cancer at bay:

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – Diet plays a crucial role in your overall health. If you eat the right food, your chances of getting diseases become lesser. Garlic, broccoli, green tea, red grapes, tomatoes are some of the things you should eat to lower your risk of Cancer.
  1. Be physically active – Being physically active doesn’t mean going to the gym and lifting heavy weights! If you are not a gym person, take up any other activity which you enjoy, like yoga, dancing, boxing, etc. You can also make small lifestyle changes like taking stairs instead of the lift; this will result in maintaining a proper weight and thus lowering your risk of Breast, Colon and many other Cancers.
  1. Say no to smoking – Everyone knows smoking is not good for health. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of Cancer, worldwide! Not only Lung Cancer, but Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Colon and other Cancers are also related to smoking. Quit smoking and lead a healthy life now!
  1. Avoid packaged foods – Packaged foods have high levels of sugar and sodium, which is very bad for your health! These foods are surely less time consuming, but can increase your Cancer risk. Stay away from packaged foods!
  1. Limit your alcohol intake – Regular consumption of alcohol can damage your liver, and would also increase your chance of Liver, Pancreatic, Breast & Mouth Cancer. Drink it occasionally, if you can’t quit alcohol completely!

Start taking control of your health; make informed & healthy choices to reduce the risk of Cancer!


Cancer Scenario In India


Cancer is a serious global problem with around 14 million cases of it occurring each year, worldwide!

India is also not far behind when it comes to Cancer. Estimated number of people with Cancer in India is around 2.5 million, which is a disturbing figure for any nation!

Sedentary lifestyle, air pollution, unhealthy food habits, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, irregular sleeping pattern and stress at workplace are contributing to the alarming rise of Cancer in India.

Let’s take a look at the 3 most common types of Cancer in India!

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most common Cancer among women in India. Out of every 1 lakh women, it is affecting 25 women in India!

How to prevent Breast Cancer?

Check yourself every day, and if you see anything unusual, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor. Few of the early signs of Breast Cancer include:

  1. Breast Lump
  2. Pain in nipple or breast
  3. Irritation and itching in breast
  4. Redness or thickness of the skin of nipple or breast

Look after yourself and follow regular screening tests to avoid Breast Cancer!

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in India.  It affects 22 women out of every 1lakh women in India!

Cervical Cancer is caused by HPV. Therefore, young girls should be encouraged for HPV vaccination so that they can keep Cervical Cancer out of their future. And older women should definitely go for Pap Tests to reduce the risk of Cervical Cancer.

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is also quite common in India, because of people’s habit of smoking, tobacco and other unhealthy products.  Every year, 7% of cancers in India are related to Oral Cancer!

People between the age group of 28-60 who consume bidis, tobacco must get themselves screen in every three years!

What is the impact of Cancer in India?

More than anything else, it causes emotional and financial trauma to the families, friends and the person who is suffering from it. As healthcare expenses are high in our country, people often spend their lifetime savings on the treatment of this disease.  That’s why Cancer is associated with fear in our county.

How to manage Cancer in India?

80% Cancer cases are often diagnosed late and then they don’t get the effective treatment! People should therefore keep a check on them and follow regular screening tests to stay away from Cancer in their lives!

Together we can reduce this burden of Cancer from our country! Let’s take a step for a healthier nation by adopting healthy lifestyle choices!